So I wanted the flip clock, and took pictures because the last flip clock we found didn’t quite make sense as to how it went together, so this may help some poor fuck in the future.

So this is the Lafayette 17-02372.

Thought it was nice of them to put a circuit in, sorry the picture is a bit terrible. Amusing to me they list the number of components inside.

So this part is cool, it’s the sleep function. I took a video of how it works, because I’m shit at description. TODO: Insert.

Now what the fuck is this bullshit, a wire is wrapped around the AC in, and goes into the circuit.

It’s just rope and wheels! This should have been expected, but it’s cool.

So yeah, completely void of anything innovative, but scrapping things still makes me feel a wee bit bad, so documenting what it was makes me feel a bit better.