Trying to get to a lorawan gateway.

Got the Low Cost LoRa Gateway running, but no lorawan.

lorawan client with the st lora dev board B-L072Z-LRWAN1

git clone
cd mbed-os-example-lorawan
mbed deploy
#or do the mbed import thing

connect dev board
mbedls -u # should show device
mbed config TARGET DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1

mbed compile --flash
# [mbed] ERROR: Unable to reset the target board connected to your system.
# Try updating firmware with tool here:
# Still doesn't work

# give up and export
mbed export -i make_gcc_arm
# edit makefile to include
#     STLINK=/home/mark/advanced/b2v/lora/stm32/stlink/build/Release
#     .PHONY: burn
#     burn: $(PROJECT).bin
#         $(STLINK)/st-flash write $(PROJECT).bin 0x8000000
make burn
minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0
#set serial rate to 230400 (115200*2 because that's the default?)
#It works!

I wasn't able to get the thing to connect to the machineQ network, but I think that's a range/coverage issue, not a authentication issue.

setting up our own gateway

Lora gateway with two libelium sx1272 modules (note, not lorawan)

Actual lorawan gateways:

The common one, the IMST iC880a is for the 861MHz spectrum, not usable in the USA. The sandbox electronics LoRaGo thing claims to be pretty much the iC880a but for the 915MHz.