Notifications are useful when services fail.

Sadly, they often get sent to root@, where they don’t get read because nobody sets up their mta.

nullmailer to the rescue.

So far this has only been tested on 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr which hits EOL next year. I don’t like ubuntu I don’t see why they need their own init system. I just learned systemd why do I have do do this all over again.


Install nullmailer, I used whatever was in the repos.

In /etc/nullmailer/remotes put smtp --port=465 --auth-login --ssl --user=yourSendingEmail@domain.tld --pass=iWonderIfQuotesWorkForSpaces --insecure

The password comes from the app password thing, you need to setup two factor in the gmail account.

To test this, try running

echo "error" | NULLMAILER_NAME="Some Service" mail -s "issue with service" "yourReceivingEmail@domain.tld"

NULLMAILER_NAME is optional, but will set from name instead of just being from yourSendingEmail@domain.tld

That can also be used in cronjobs, or other reporting.

In /etc/smartd.conf, we set stuff to hopefully check /dev/sda for issues and report them.

/dev/sda -M test -s S/../.././02 -H -C 0 -U 0 -m yourReceivingEmail@domain.tld

This should send a test email on daemon start, and run a short test every day at 2:00. The jury is still out as to if it sends a test email every day at 2:00. The test should not report anything unless there are problems.

I never figured out how to set the env var NULLMAILER_NAME, so the from is just whatever email you’re sending from, but it does report hostname in the topic.

And then finally in /etc/default/smartmontools uncomment start_smartd=yes to autostart because that’s how you do it I guess?

I’ll update this when I get my hands on a drive that fails smart and I can prove it works.