Putting logos on a kicad board isn’t terribly hard, just slightly annoying.

some boards with art

Instructions for old kicad from komar’s techblog Useful except that they used the old file format, so I just took the approach and used svg2mod instead.

svg2mod turns an svg into a .kicad_mod file.

Edit svg2mod.py so we can run it, also fix the shebang line or just call it with python2

-import svg2mod.svg as svg
+import svg


  • take image you want, as vector. In inkscape, have two layers with the thing on it. Cu and Mask.
  • With mask, do this path offset thing a few times
  • now the mask is slightly bigger
  • save svg.
  • python2 svg2mod/svg2mod.py -i i3logoCombined.svg -o i3logoCombined
  • put i3logoCombined.kicad_mod into your pcbnew library list thing, import footprint
  • It’s the wrong size.
  • Resize it in inkscape, set units to mm, it will translate properly.
  • Shouldn’t have to completely restart kicad when updating the footprint, just open and close library manager.

some boards with art

– Update 2018-11-12: Add header image