Putting logos on a kicad board isn’t terribly hard, just slightly annoying.

some boards with art

Approach for copper/mask taken from komar’s techblog, but I couldn’t get the tooling to work.

svg2mod fork for python3 support turns an svg into a .kicad_mod file.

  • pip3 install git+https://github.com/zirafa/svg2mod


  • Vector image in inkscape.
  • Make it a path, where the fill actually fills it
  • Resize to the final size (with a few mm spacing)
    • Object -> Transform
  • Name layer Cu
  • Duplicate layer, name Mask
  • Make mask slightly bigger
    • Path -> Outset works
      • Step size in Preferences -> Behaviour -> Steps -> Inset/Outset by
  • Path -> Break Apart
  • Edit -> Resize Page to Selection
  • svg2mod -i input.svg -o output-filename --name module-name -p 1

some boards with art

  • Update 2018-11-12: Add header image
  • Update 2019-07-12: Redo instructions
  • Update 2020-10-14: Add specifics