Mark Furland

BS Computer Science: Backend, Low Userspace, Embedded

Work Experience

Software Engineer


Process Automation Intern

Summer 2015

[C#/WPF/MS Sync Framework] Developed a C# application following MVVM principles to track slab defects. Worked the Microsoft Sync Framework to have a set of occasionally connected databases upload data properly.

Web Development Internship

University of Vermont Web Team
Burlington, Vermont
Fall 2012 - Summer 2014

[PHP/SQL] Lead projects such as updating the middle/front upon backend changes

[Responsive design] Worked mobile first, for mobile-friendly websites


Michigan Technological University

Houghton, Michigan
BS Computer Science, Graduated May 2016

Department GPA: 3.11, Cumulative GPA: 3.1

[C, Matlab, R, Java, PHP, SQL, Scripting(Bash, Perl, Python, etc)]

Study Abroad in England

Completed through MTU with a professor from MTU

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont
BS Computer Science(First year)

Leadership Experience

MTU IEEE Student Branch Systems Administrator and Lab Manager


Setup a Slackware based Samba Active Directory Domain Controller

Designed and built a hexcopter controlled with the APM 2.5 from scratch.

Can build a circuit.

FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge Team Leader


The FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics challenge for high school students worldwide

Progressed to the International competition in 2012

Eagle Scout

Achieved in 2011

Troop 635, Essex, Vermont


  • Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • C#/Java
  • Matlab
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Perl
  • Other Relevant Skills

  • Git
  • General Linux Usage
  • Linux System Administration
  • Samba Active Directory Domain Controller
  • Regular Expressions

Interests & Projects

Hackathons/Programming Competitions

  • 2016 Spring: Organizer of Winter WonderHack
  • 2015 Fall: MinneHack, Local Hack Day
  • 2015 Spring: MHacks V, BonzAI Brawl
  • 2014 Fall: MHacks IV, UHack, Barricuda AI Programming Competition
  • 2014 Spring: MHacks III, Techhacks II, Hack Illinois, BonzAI Brawl
  • 2013 Fall: MHacks II, Techhacks I
    • Placed third in TechHacks I with a hardware project

Fuzzy Controller on an FPGA


[Verilog, Matlab] We developed a (probably) novel method of putting a fuzzy controller on an FPGA, and are working on a tool to take Matlab FIS files and automatically convert it to Verilog.

Hope to have a paper ready to publish later this summer

Internet of Things Projects

[PHP, Perl, SQL, JS] Temperature Graphing RPI: Developed a web-displayed one-wire temperature sensing network hosted on an RPI.(2012-2013)

[Particle Photon, C] IoTea: If This Then That controlled Teapot. Developed exclusively for the pun.(2016)

[Python, C] Physical Botnet: Demonstrated a proof of concept IRC control of IO pins with an RPI, and I plan to do it with an arduino or an avr/arm chip in the near future.(2016)

Custom Debian Live USB

Designed to run Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

[Debian, Bash] Created a custom Debian LiveCD as solution to run a windows native game, which can be distributed without redistributing the game

Penny Arcade Expo Schedule Parser


[PHP, Bootstrap] Developed a tool to parse the XML schedule given by Penny Arcade convention into an iCal format

Used Google Analytics to track usage


Userscripts are client-side javascript for implementing functionality on websites the client does not control

[Javascript] Developed a set of userscripts to fix small problems. Install counts are from on 2014-02-19

  • Added arrow key navigation to multiple webcomics: 1251 total installs
  • HTML5 Video autoplay prevention: 3869 installs